Heinrich Barth was one of the greatest travellers and explorers of the 19th Century. The story of his life and his many adventures have inspired our brand.

Under his name, we created our range of beauty products for your daily needs, sourcing the best ingredients from local flora around the world, to recreate the aura of a destination that lingers on as a souvenir.

All the products are manufactured in Italy. Our primary line is without scent, neutral, cruelty-free and designed for a traveller who wants to feel comfortable in his environment without leaving a trace. Our creams and lotions are perfect companions to protect your skin from the sun - whether at the pool or during a mountain hike. Our Hair & Body Cleanser is refreshing and nourishing, devoid of artificial ingredients.

Our Destination Line is reminiscent of specific places: MYKONOS, with hints of wild herbs, fig leaves and sage; DAKAR, scented with the tropical splendor of vanilla and the fruity notes of papaya and mango - as cherished souvenir of Heinrich’s most recent voyage to the heart of the sunny continent.

The destination of next journey has not yet been decided, but it is surely coming up soon.